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April turns to May, lockdown continues, suppliers are still closed, clients stuck behind closed doors. Clean the workshop, organise the timber stocks, time to play!

Having admiration for Japanese aesthetics and furniture making, wanting to strip back making to a purer time, working to the largest degree with hand tools alone.

These three items are the result.


Stick back bench


The Walnut seat plank planned using a vintage Stanley bench plane, the final cuts applied by scraper plane. Sycamore backrest sticks shaped with a spokeshave and scraper, holes bored with a brace and bit.



Side Table

The rippelling of the top surface done entirely with a carving gouge, painstakingly tracking across the grain time and again.



Low Stool

Temple-like in appearance, utilising many dovetail joints, pillow-like Sycamore corners rise through the Walnut.


Please contact us for purchase enquiries.

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