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The Master carvers association celebrate the tercentenary of the birth of Thomas Chippendale with a collection of seven music stands. Hugh Wedderburn designed the 'Pan' music stand as a tribute to the great furniture maker.

Hugh can be seen working on the front carving here, with information on the other carvers and exhibitions held in 2018.

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'Pan' creator, Hugh Wedderburn, while a great wood carver, accepted his skills fell below mine in terms of cabinetry and jointing.

The geometry of interwoven legs connected to the body required careful cutting of joints to ensure strength was maintained throughout to allow the carver to execute his chisels.

A laminated curved panel carefully formed to match exactly the slotted arc in the body, once installed it will not be removable! Within these two parts lies a brass toothed rack and gear operated by a winding handle , allowing the rise and fall of the carved panel holding the music score, to vary the height for individual musicians.

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